Defensor Consulting Group

Experience is the name of the game

Defensor Consulting Group (DCG), founded in 2001, has a team of exceptional professionals whose experience, knowledge, skills and abilities, and established record of performance are unsurpassed in their fields. The key to our outstanding and successful service is our experience, and fidelity to our fundamental principles. Our staff is comprised of expert operational personnel with extensive knowledge in a wide variety of subject areas. This highly qualified, experienced, and educated team stands ready to provide the best available consulting and advisory services to meet the needs of our clients and partners.




We hold all of our personnel to our exceptional standards, which means that DCG personnel are qualified experts in their respective areas of operation, and that we are all continually working to maintain and expand on those qualifications. 
Our personnel have extensive experience in a wide range of operational areas, and are constantly working to improve and develop that experience so that we may provided you the best possible services to meet your needs
All of our personnel are highly educated and skilled members of our team. We encourage  our personnel to explore and take advantage of the wide range of educational opportuntites we offer as well as seeking out advanced accredited studies with some of our educational partners.


To Provide premier law enforcement, security, public safety, homeland security, and emergency management consulting and advisory services to our clients and partners in support of our communities and our nation.

We provide invaluable resources to clients by forging partnerships through fidelity to our fundamental principles.

DCG is built on the foundational principles of integrity, service, and excellence. We strive to serve our community, partners, clients, and associated organizations to the utmost of these principles. 
Integrity first in all that we do at Defensor Consulting Group. Integrity to ourselves, to our mission, and to our clients and partners. 
  • We have more than 15 years of successful continuous operations. 
  • We offer the benefits of hundreds of years of combined knowledge, skills, and experience. 
  • We will bring our services to you; saving you time, resources, and money. 
  • Our geographical operating area currently covers 15 US States and one district: Alabama, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington DC, and West Virginia. We are looking to expand!   
  • All of our services can be specially tailored to suit the specific needs of our clients and partners.
  • We are an innovative and creative team of asymmetrical thinkers and operators eager to assist you with whatever your agency or organization needs/requires. 
Service before self is always our purpose. Service to our clients and partners, but more importantly service in support of our communities and our nation. 
Excellence in all we do. We are a team made up of exceptional members, and we strive every day to provide excellence in all that we do. 


Expertise is total mastery of a subject or skill. It takes a special set of intellectual capacity to understand the overall view as well as the nuanced details of any topic.  It takes dedication, passion, and exceptionalism. It involves countless hours of study and practice.  It means going forward when others may be turning back or stopping. This relentless quest for excellence is what DCG provides to its partners and clients.

Operational Areas
Defensor Consulting Group provides a full-spectrum of operations and operations support services across a wide range of areas. Our diverse and extensive experience forms the basis for our proprietary techniques, methods, and systems while we remain dynamic so that any and all of our services can be tailored to meet the needs of our clients, customers, and partners in any operational situation or environment. 

Defensor Consulting Group is a strategic leader and premier resource for full-spectrum services supported by our four main operational branches.  DCG proactively enages with our affiliates and associates across the relevant communities nationwide and globally to provide unparalleled services to our partners and clients.​​

Our four main operational branches are:

Law Enforcement and Police Services
Physical and Special Security Services
Emergency Management and Public Safety
Training and Support Services


Defensor Consulting Group attracts and retains some of the brightest, most experienced and most highly regarded professionals working in their respective fields today. The DCG team is made up of more than 90 associates across 15 states, and our team stands ready to assist you to the utmost of our capabilities.  
Meet The Team
Kersti Sanborne
Director of Operations
Ms. Sanborne is a peerless leader as well as a unmatched law enforcement and public safety professional. Her nearly 25 years of experience gives her a wide-range of skills and proficiencies to call upon in offering the best to the DCG team as well as its clients and partners. 
Joshua Heard
Chief of Operations
Mr. Heard is an exceptional and invaluable asset for the DCG organization as well as its clients and partners. With over 16 years of federal law enforcement and security experience to draw from, he brings an extensive amount of resources and capabilities to the Operations Bureau and the whole DCG family.
Gary Pratt
VP of Operations
Mr. Pratt is a matchless and innovative member of the DCG family. His extensive experience and unique perspectives mark him as an expert within the law enforcement, homeland security, and intelligence communities; his leadership contributions to DCG help us to set the pace and the example.


Thank you for your interest in the Defensor Consulting Group. Your inquiry is important to us. Requests to join our monthly e-newsletter; questions regarding our services, operational areas; and press or media inquiries can be directed below.  A member of our team will respond to your request shortly.
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